Blue and brown and blue and brown The cold water grazes the tip of your feet Coyly, pulling you closer The hinges between your toes They cradle tiny droplets Blue and brown and blue and brown And in this lullaby A little girl squeals Her magenta kite Has taken flight She calls out to her... Continue Reading →

red ink

Dear Mr Bimal Krishna Dey I hear they repainted that letter box of yours. Some say it's green, some blue. I don't see why you even need one anymore. Remember Sudha?  She used to write to you everyday. Diligently. All about her dying son and her undying love. It was quite impressive, this love. Your... Continue Reading →


All these mountains and hills look like the ones back home. The winding roads, the golden buttas and the ubiquitous masala chai. And amidst the daily banter of stale anecdotes, one can hear the auto wale bhaiye drop a guiding word here and an aicha gaavat there. Oh, and the chocolate fudge and crushed peanut... Continue Reading →

cooling-glass gen

This, is Paati. A 'cooling-glass' enthusiast. She lives is Vadapazhani, and makes the best mango pickle and appalam. Her laugh is as contagious as mine. She also has 9 siblings and attended music school when my mom was 14. This, is Paati. She doesn't know it, but I love her.

hello, ocd

''Obsessive Compulsive Disorder'' /a psychological disorder; a mental state/ obsessive - refusal to detach from the idea compulsive - overpowers rationality disorder - chaos an incessant want to be in control; to be in denial of justified change   Examples, you ask?  Mom and the angle of sun rays falling on the furniture Dad and... Continue Reading →


A lifeless swing set Paralysed by candies Diagnosed with arthritis Attuned to lithe water vapour Acquires medication Squeaking is now exercise And groaning, physiotherapy. A familiar thud Fingertips wrapped around Criss-cross, a deep sigh Obese now More comfortable, now Most alive, now.   I plop myself, it creaks in response I look around At all... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Blue Shutters

It’s 8am on a Sunday morning in SG Palya - a street infamous for its uncontained hubbub and alcohol reeking nooks. It had been a prosaic post-midsem week and everyone cannot get enough of it. This is, however, a very opportune time for the minorities living here; middle aged fathers and mothers drag their toddlers... Continue Reading →

5Ws and 1H

I've been vehemently striving to be the journalism student that I’m supposed to be. I continue to try, if it isn’t already evident from the title. But the irony lies thus- with every increasing semester, my ability to answer these six questions decreases. To put it ‘simply’, in alien terms (a.k.a math)- number of semesters... Continue Reading →

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